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Dátum: 19 – 21 Marec 2020
Lokalita: Izmir, Turecko

On behalf of EAACI and the Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (TNSACI), the organizing committee is happy to welcome you to the EAACI Allergy School on Anaphylaxis: Causes, Prevention and Management, taking place in Izmir, Turkey, 19-21 March 2020.

Anaphylaxis with its life-threatening potential has always been one of the most important emergencies for all clinicians. Therefore, it is essential to review the information we have in order to keep up with the recent advancements. In lectures and interactive workshops, we will discuss the causes, initiators and cofactors of anaphylaxis, possible preventive measures and management of anaphylaxis. Representatives from the Pediatric Section, Drug Allergy Interest Group and working groups on Biologicals and Hymenoptera Venom Hypersensitivity of EAACI will chair the related workshops and simulation-based hands-on CPR following anaphylaxis will be provided by anaesthesiologists. The participants will have the opportunity to communicate with the experts, practice implementation workshops and moreover present their work either orally or as paper posters.

Izmir, the third biggest city located in the west coast of Turkey, is filled with history and offers a spectacular coastal view. It is also easily reachable from its international airport.
Within the social programme, participants will enjoy the visit to Ephesus, the 3000 year-old ancient Greek city, and will see the majestic amphitheatre, the first psychiatric hospital and the third largest library in the ancient world.

We are delighted to welcome you to the Allergy School on Anaphylaxis: Causes, Prevention and Management and we look forward to seeing you in Izmir!

Educational Aims

The rate of allergic diseases is increasing every year worldwide in all age groups. Respiratory allergy, food, drug as well as insect allergy are the most prevalent conditions in clinical practice. Anaphylaxis is a clinical emergency with a life-threatening potential related to all allergies and for every age group.

Since clinical diagnosis is based on recognition of various presenting features of anaphylaxis, healthcare professionals should be familiar with the symptoms of anaphylaxis and its management interventions. This can only be achieved by early recognition, risk factor assessment and proper management of the patients. The most appropriate management strategies can only be achieved by the education of all healthcare providers with the most recent scientific evidence in order to reduce morbidity or mortality rates.

The goal of the EAACI Allergy School on Anaphylaxis: Etiology, Prevention and Management is to look deeper into the most recent evidence and research related to the basic and clinical aspects of anaphylaxis, and discuss this with young allergists, fellows and researchers coming from all over the world. Up-to-date scientific knowledge will be shared with the participants and implementation workshops will be run in various topics related to anaphylaxis.
More specifically, the causes, initiators and cofactors of anaphylaxis, possible preventive measures and management will be discussed in detail through lectures and interactive sections.

In addition, this friendly and interactive platform will provide young researchers with the opportunity to develop international networks and collaborations, and enable them to get in contact with the senior researchers and experts in the field of allergy.
Participants will also be provided with the opportunity to present and discuss their own research studies in poster and oral presentation sessions.

Expected learning outcomes

After the course attendants will be able to:

  • learn epidemiology and understand the underlying mechanisms of anaphylaxis
  • recognize the causes, risks, cofactors and comorbidities of anaphylaxis
  • diagnose anaphylaxis and familiarise themselves with endotypes and phenotypes of anaphylaxis in both paediatric and adult patients
  • know the biomarkers and other diagnostic tools that are being used
  • learn the management of anaphylaxis
  • perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • apply preventive measures of anaphylaxis
  • know the principles of drug related anaphylaxis and desensitization protocols
  • know the principles of anaphylaxis due to venom allergy and venom immunotherapy
  • know the recent evidence about implementation of oral immunotherapy in children with food allergy and evaluation of the risks for anaphylaxis
  • discuss how to overcome anaphylaxis in challenging conditions (infant, pregnant, and elderly etc.)
  • be aware of the use of biologicals in the prevention of anaphylaxis
  • be familiar with common biologicals causing anaphylaxis

Target Audience

Young allergists, fellows in allergy, EAACI junior members, nurses working in allergy as well as professionals of allergy and those with a particular interest in allergy.

In order to achieve an intimate and collegial atmosphere, to leave plenty of space for discussion, create optimum conditions for practical aspects, and for a good communication platform, the number of international participants will be limited to around 120 international participants.


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