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Dátum: 8-12 Apríl 2020

Lokalita: Antalya, Turecko

Dear colleagues,

The 23rd Annual Congress of the Turkish Thoracic Society with International Participation will be held in Titanic Deluxe Hotel, Belek, Antalya from 08th to 12th April 2020.

Science, is the strongest reference for human health and the architect of our healthy future! In order to construct the future with the light of science, we set our 2020 slogan as Towards a Healthy Future by Science”. In the congress, while sharing our knowledge in the current research, perspectives on preventive medicine and improvement of patient service in lung health, we also wish to discuss our problems related to the status of our profession and personal rights in a socially enriched environment side by side.

We aim to bring solutions to improve lung health in our country for a healthy future that we can build by science, with the contribution and joint efforts of all the members of our Society. We have aimed to enrich this effort, and to move it to an international dimension with the participation of scientists worldwide.

This year’s scientific program will include discussion and update sessions on a physician’s daily practice with courses, panels, pro – con meetings, conferences, as well as large number of enriched and interesting sessions such as “Thorax in Grand Round”, “Controversial Topics”, “Featured Articles in the Last Year”, “How the New Developments in Chest Diseases will Affect the Future?”

In these sessions, we will review current concepts on disease management, from preventive measures to the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases. In particular, we will listen the solutions to the clinical problems that we frequently face in the daily practice from the experts all together. We will blend our knowledge with the social determinants of health, and will continue our mission to guide health policies to serve the benefit of public health in the light of the latest scientific progress in lung diseases.

There will be a number of basic and advanced post-graduate courses for improving the competency and capacity of physicians in daily practice. These courses will increase the knowledge and skills of young colleagues in training, while helping established pulmonologists for improving their experience and finding answers to their questions.

In addition to scientific meetings, we will meet and have fun with our friends and colleagues in the beautiful environment of a typical Turkish Thoracic Society congresses.

We sincerely believe that “Science is the most important reference for human health”. We wish to meet you all together in the 23rd Annual Congress of Turkish Thoracic Society with International Participation in order to breathe science and run to a healthy future togetherTowards a Healthy Future by Science!

Yours sincerely,


8 (Streda) 22:03 - 12 (Nedeľa) 22:03

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